The main reason I haven’t posted any photos in several months is because my wife and I welcomed our son Eli into the world back in late November.  He’s an amazing little guy and we’re having a blast raising him.

Literally a week before my wife went into labor I got my son’s dresser finished in my shop and was able to get it to a cabinetmaker buddy so he could paint and lacquer the dresser.  The cabinet carcass is solid poplar with a beveled front edge, the drawers are solid poplar and the drawer fronts and base are solid walnut.  I wanted to make sure everything was as baby safe as possible so this entire piece and changing tray are made out of solid wood and then got a waterbourne low VOC lacquer finish.

I’ve got other projects coming down the pipeline for Eli and our house so I’ll keep adding photos as I build these next pieces.

Here are a couple of cabinet projects that I’ve been working on with a cabinetmaker friend.  The first one is a master bedroom cabinet all painted in a hi-gloss white with clear lacquered walnut drawer fronts.  The second one is a wall of study cabinets also painted in a hi-gloss finish.  The wide horizontal doors open downwards on touch latches and lid stay hardware to become desk surfaces.

We’ve also built and installed 3 other projects in this same building and I will get better non-cell phone photos of all these projects soon.

This is an ash expansion dining table I made for another designer client.  The table expands from 82” in length when closed to 106” when open with two leaves.

I went with solid ash for this entire table and it is going to the finisher on Monday to get either a stained or painted finish.  As always I’ll try to get finish photos posted once the finisher works his magic.

This is a console base I made recently for a designer.  The top has several drawers and was being made elsewhere so I just fabricated this base.

He picked a really nice bronze powdercoat for the final finish.

This is a massive set of hanging monkey bars I welded up for a client.  They built an addition on their house and were setting one of the rooms up as a home gym.  The ceiling is pitched and they wanted to have a 7 rung monkey bar system hanging from the ceiling.  They like the raw industrial look so I left all the welds exposed and had my powdercoater clear lacquer the entire piece.

I worked with the architect and took pretty detailed site measurements to make sure this would fit to the ceiling and hang level in the room.  I’ll get finish photos of this in the next week or so.

This is a coffee table I fabricated for a designer based on an image she provided of a similar table that is no longer available.  They also wanted the table in a smaller size.  I welded up a fixture for heat bending all of the leg parts and then made another fixture out of mdf which I didn’t take pictures of for laying out all of the pieces.

The mdf fixture held the round plates in place while I tack welded all the leg parts into place.  I fully welded the base in the fixture and then after it cooled down I removed it to reduce distortion.  Once I got it all ground and sanded then I had the base powdercoated a bronze color.

This is a large coffee table base I worked on that is going to have a glass top and lower glass shelf.  Both pieces of glass will rest on a flatbar ledge I created by bolting an additional flatbar to the underside of the top flatbars with an overhang and then the shelf sits on the edge of two pieces of flatbar that are bolted to the inside of each profile.

This is a simple table base I recently fabricated for a client.  The top is going to be a 3/8” thick plate of glass so I trimmed the interior of the table base with 1/2” square tubing that it can rest on.

Here are some shots of the entire outdoor bar/dining area put together.  For whatever reason my cell phone changed settings so all of these photos are at a really low resolution.  I’m going to take much better photos next week and will post them once I do.

We went with an exterior black powdercoat finish for all of the steel and an exterior finish for all of the mahogany.  The install went very smoothly.  All of the posts are different heights since the grade drops so much on the brick but I maintained a consistent horizon line with the tops and bottoms of the fence.

Now all that’s left to do is have a drink and enjoy fall in New England!

So it’s been a while since I last posted.  After the airing of the HGTV show I built furniture for I had a large outdoor bar/dining area project to complete.  It was for an amazing restaurant in Cambridge, MA called Westbridge.  Last year I built all of their table tops out of reclaimed heart pine and made several other tables with steel tube bases and recycled bowling lanes for tops.

This year we collaborated to create a new outdoor dining/bar area for the outside of their restaurant.  It all had to be made so it could break down easily for storage during the winter.  We also weren’t allowed to secure the fence posts to the ground so after a bunch of different ideas I came up with the idea of welding the posts to I-beam sections which I then welded to heavy 3/4” thick plates.  This industrial look fit well with the overall design of the interior  of their restaurant.

This first post shows all of the work that went into creating all of these pieces.  In total there was one large bar at 12’-6” long, one communal table at 12’ long, 3 standing tables at 5’ long that attach to the fence posts and eleven sections of fence mounted on twelve posts.  It was a ton of work but the end result was beyond rewarding.